Full Schedule

This year’s films will be screening at Vancouver Island University’s Nanaimo Campus
in buildings 355, 356 & Shq’apthut (The Gathering Place).
All films shown at The Gathering Place are free admission.
Numbers in parentheses represent durations of films in minutes.

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

TimeThe Gathering Place (Building 170)Building 355, Room 203Building 356, Room 109
4:30PM• 1948: Creation and Catastrophe (85)
6:00PM• Xe Xe Smun Eem (Sacred Children): Victoria Orange Shirt Day (20)

Panel Discussion with Eddy Charlie and Kristin Spray.
7:00PM• Dust 'n Bones (45)• Haiti Betrayed (90)

Q&A with filmmaker Elaine Briere.
• Last Men in Aleppo (110)

With Worldbridger


Friday, February 8th, 2019

TimeThe Gathering Place (Building 170)Building 355, Room 203Building 356, Room 109
5:00PM• Satan and Adam (80)• Defiant Lives (85)
6:00PM• The Radicals (55)
7:00PM• WAJD: Songs of Separation (88)

With Alternative Film Series
• Many Hands (72)

Q&A with filmmaker Russ Greaves.


Saturday, February 9th, 2019

TimeBuilding 355, Room 203Building 356, Room 109
11:00AM• Treeline (40)• Celling Your Soul (48)
12:00PM• Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees (52)
• Flying with Ravens (14)
• Pacific Herring: Small Fish, Big Problem (10)

Q&A with Nancy Turner of Wildwood Ecoforest.
• The 100 Year Old Whale (14)
• Loves and Bananas: An Elephant Story (75)
1:30PM• Ecology Transforms Youth (35)
• Kus-Kus-Sum: Unpave Paradise (7)
• Save Space Nugget (41)
1:45PM• Soufra (75)
3:00PM• Fertile Ground: Brewing Change in Northeast India (5)
• Cooperativa (40)

Sponsored by Global Village Nanaimo in Memory of Vilma Dube.
3:30PM• Threads (32)
Q&A with Dori Miller of Nan Go Grannies.
• Nothing Without Us: The Women Who Will End AIDS (67)
4:00PM• Being the Change: A new kind of Climate Documentary (58)
5:15PM• The Reluctant Radical (77)
5:45PM• Holly Near: Singing for our Lives (63)
7:00PM• Metamorphosis (95)• Gurrumul (100)