2019 Film List

1948: Creation and Catastrophe  •  Being the Change: A new kind of Climate Documentary  •  Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees  •  Celling Your Soul  •  Cooperativa: La Lucha Sigue  •  Defiant Lives  •  Dust ‘n Bones  •  Ecology Transforms Youth  •  Fertile Ground: Brewing Change in Northeast India  •  Flying with Ravens  •  Gurrumul  •  Haiti Betrayed  •  Holly Near: Singing for our Lives  •  Kus-Kus-Sum: Unpave Paradise  •  Last Men in Aleppo  •  Loves and Bananas: An Elephant Story  •  Many Hands  •  Metamorphosis  •  Nothing Without Us: The Women Who Will End AIDS  •  Pacific Herring: Small Fish, Big Problem  •  Satan and Adam  •  Save Space Nugget  •  Soufra  •  The 100 Year Old Whale  •  The Radicals  •  The Reluctant Radical  •  Threads  •  Treeline  •  WAJD: Songs of Separation  •  Xe Xe Smun Eem (Sacred Children): Victoria Orange Shirt Day  • 

1948: Creation and Catastrophe (2018)
85 minutes
Andy Trimlett & Ahlam Muhtaseb

Through riveting and moving personal recollections of both Palestinians and Israelis, 1948: Creation & Catastrophe reveals the shocking events of the most pivotal year in the most controversial conflict in the world. It tells the story of the establishment of Israel as seen through the eyes of the people who lived it. This documentary was the last chance for many of its Israeli and Palestinian characters to narrate their first-hand accounts of the creation of a state and the expulsion of a nation. While Israelis mark Independence Day, it is known as the Nakba (Catastrophe) for Palestinians.

1948: Creation & Catastrophe Trailer

Being the Change: A new kind of Climate Documentary (2018)
58 minutes
Mary Grandelis and Dave Davis

Is it possible to move away from fossil fuels and live a more joyful life? That is the question NASA atmospheric scientist Peter Kalmus explores in the film, Being the Change: A New Kind of Climate Documentary. Peter, his wife Sharon and their two sons reduced their carbon emissions by more than a factor of ten between 2010 and 2014, going from emitting an estimated 20 tonnes annually to 2 tonnes. They did so by making changes in their own lives and found more happiness and satisfaction in the process.


Coming soon to PBS stations, DVD and VOD. For more information please visit: www.BeingTheChangeFilm.com

Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees (2018)
52 minutes
Jeff McKay

We follow visionary scientist, conservationist and author, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, on her journey to the most beautiful forests of the northern hemisphere. From the sacred sugi and cedar forests of Japan, the ancient Raheen Wood of Ireland, the walnut and redwood trees of America to the great boreal forest of Canada, Beresford-Kroeger tells us the amazing stories behind the history and legacy of these ancient forests while also explaining the science of trees and the irreplaceable roles they play in protecting and feeding the planet.

Call of the Forest – Official Trailer

This is “Call of the Forest – Official Trailer” by Treespeak Films on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Celling Your Soul (2017)
48 minutes
Joni Siani

Celling Your Soul is a powerful and informative examination of how young people actually feel about connecting in the digital world and their love/hate relationship with technology. It provides empowering strategies for more fulfilling, balanced and authentic human interaction within the digital landscape. The film reveals the effects of “digital socialization” by taking viewers on a personal journey with a group of high school and college students, through a digital cleanse, to discover the power of authentic human connectivity. There is ‘no app’ or piece of technology that can ever replace the benefits of human connection. Silver Spotlight Independent Documentary Award.

Celling Your Soul (Trailer)

This award-winning documentary is now available at Bullfrog Films. http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/ceso.html Book your community screening and offer the free school activity – The No App For Life challenge! http://cellingyoursoul.bullfrogcommunities.com/ceso_resources

Cooperativa: La Lucha Sigue (2018)
40 minutes
Ed Carswell

Journey to organic coffee farms in the jungle highlands of Nicaragua (the source of World Community Coffee). Using 4×4 vehicles, co-op staff of both Flor de Pancasan and Flor de Dalia visit several mountain farms to discuss their fair trade arrangements. These intimate visits reveal how the cooperatives and fair trade policies have brought some security to family life. This observational film also follows the process of both cacao and milk production through remote regions of what is considered the poorest country in Central America.

Defiant Lives (2017)
85 minutes
Sarah Barton

Defiant Lives is a triumphant film that traces the origins of the world-wide disability rights movement. It tells the stories of the extraordinary individuals who bravely put their lives on the line to create a better world where everyone is valued and can participate. Featuring interviews and rarely seen archival footage, the film reveals how these activists fought to live outside of institutions, challenged the stigmas and negative image of disability portrayed by the media, demanded access to public transportation and battled to re-frame disability rights as a social responsibility relevant to us all.

Defiant Lives Official Trailer

This is “Defiant Lives Official Trailer” by Sarah Barton on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Dust ‘n Bones (2018)
45 minutes
Leslie D. Bland

Dust n’ Bones examines the challenges and mysteries of dealing with the discovery, preservation, and re-interment of First Nations artifacts and remains. These themes are realized through traditional gravedigger, filmmaker and archaeology assistant Harold Joe as he works to re-dedicate human remains to sacred burial sites on the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. Dust n’ Bones brings to light the legal, political, historical and spiritual challenges faced by First Nations leaders and archaeologists as they fight to give disinterred ancestors their proper reverence.

Ecology Transforms Youth (2018)
35 minutes
Ed Carswell

Travel with several youth as they explore the rivers and estuaries of the Comox Valley. Created by Wendy Kotilla in 2004, the Youth & Ecological Restoration (YER) program has had over 330 participants. Young people work with local researchers and environmental groups, while learning ecological restoration, wildlife rehabilitation and scientific methods. Guided by the power of nature, YER employs ecotherapy practices and mentoring support for youth to gain a sense of worth, belonging and place.

Fertile Ground: Brewing Change in Northeast India (2018)
5 minutes
Tom & Amy Skelton

Since 2003, Fertile Ground East/West Sustainability Network has provided educational and technical support to farmers and growers in Assam, India. They do this by creating opportunities for people from northeast India and the west coast of Canada to work and learn together – to grow healthy food, care for the soil and celebrate cultural diversity. This short film celebrates the important work they all do.

Flying with Ravens (2018)
14 minutes
Ed Homer

Flying with Ravens is the story of Mick Maxted and the two ravens that he has been feeding on Mt Washington since 2010. Mick and his partner Lynn have a close relationship with these two characters affectionately known as Jekyl and Heidi. Mick and Lynn’s days on the ski hill are as much about feeding ravens and whiskey jacks as skiing and boarding. These intelligent ravens enjoy flying around Mick as he boards down the hill. Flying with Ravens is a delightful story with the underlying theme of our relationship with nature.

Gurrumul (2018)
100 minutes
Paul Damien Williams

Celebrated by audiences at home and abroad, indigenous artist Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu was one of the most important and acclaimed voices to ever come out of Australia. Blind from birth, he found purpose and meaning through songs and music inspired by his community on Elcho Island in far North East Arnhem Land. Living a traditional Yolngu life, his breakthrough album ‘Gurrumul’ brought him to a crossroads as audiences and artists around the world began to embrace his music. Gurrumul is a portrait of an artist on the brink of global reverence, and the struggles he and those closest to him face in balancing two distinct worlds.

Gurrumul’s final masterwork is his collaboration with composer Erkki Veltheim to translate Yolngu traditional music into a Western orchestral arrangement. Some of his songs are adapted from music and stories up to 10,000 years old. As the score plays and images of Elcho Island people splash with beauty across the screen, something transformative happens. The very current of this vibrant and enduring ancient culture blends and echoes through the soaring score. A shimmering tribute to an amazing singer. Audience Award, Perth Film Festival; Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

Gurrumul – Official Trailer

A portrait of one of Australia’s most celebrated and important voices. Celebrated by audiences at home and abroad, indigenous artist Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu was one of the most important and acclaimed voices to ever come out of Australia.

Haiti Betrayed (2018)
90 minutes
Elaine Briere

Haiti Betrayed is a point-of-view documentary revealing how Canada, in contravention of international law, allied with the US and France to overturn the democratically elected government in Haiti in 2004. This brought an end to a decade of democracy in Haiti and progressive reforms for the impoverished majority. It is the first time Canada has played a strategic and military role in the removal of a democratically elected government.

Haiti Betrayed – Trailer

Holly Near: Singing for our Lives (2018)
63 minutes
Jim Brown

Singer, songwriter and social activist Holly Near has been performing for over 50 years and in the process created what Gloria Steinem called, “the first soundtrack of the women’s movement.” From small-town California to sold-out shows on iconic stages to million-person peace marches, Singing for Our Lives documents the story of the activist and her art. It also serves as an important testament to a time of protest and coalition building, and the weaving of a multicultural consciousness always rooted in contemporary activism. Featuring Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, the late Ronnie Gilbert and others, this music-filled film elevates Near to her deserved status of iconic artist and activist, and speaks to anyone who believes in peace, justice, feminism and humanity.

Kus-Kus-Sum: Unpave Paradise (2018)
7 minutes
Jessica Speck

The community of the Comox Valley is banding together to tackle a large and ambitious restoration project – unpaving paradise at Kus-Kus-Sum. The project aims to purchase an abandoned sawmill site and restore it to natural habitat. Since 2006, the site has remained as 8.3 acres of vacant cement in the heart of the community and 440 meters of steel wall along a critical salmon migration route. The video showcases the history of the area, the many benefits of restoration and offers everyone a chance to be a part of this initiative.

Last Men in Aleppo (2017)
110 minutes
Feras Fayyad

After 5 years of war in Syria, the remaining citizens of Aleppo are readying themselves for the siege. Through the volunteers from The White Helmets, we experience first hand the daily life, death, and struggle in the streets of the city. They fight for sanity where war has become the norm.

Last Men In Aleppo | Official Trailer [English]

Loves and Bananas: An Elephant Story (2018)
75 minutes
Ashley Bell

Elephant rescues in Thailand are rare, unpredictable and often life threatening. There is no need to abuse an elephant to control it; conservationist Lek Chailert shows that you can motivate an elephant to follow your lead simply with love and bananas. Director Bell and Lek Chailert work to save a blind, aging elephant named Noi Na from the rampant abuse at an elephant trekking park and take her across Thailand to Chailert’s rescue park. Love & Bananas will hopefully provide a solution to keeping this species alive. The film ignites a sense of hope, while exposing the plight of Asian elephants and the people who work tirelessly to save them.

Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story – Trailer

Many Hands
72 minutes
Russ Greaves

As part of the Canada 150+ celebration on the Sunshine Coast of BC a flotilla of 9 canoes undertook a 130km journey form Egmont to West Vancouver. Against a stunning backdrop of natural and cultural history, this film was created to celebrate both a journey through space and through time. The Gibsons Paddle Club wished to celebrate and recognize more than the history of the country we know as Canada. The club planned to share in the history and stories of 15,000 years of First Nations habitation on the Sunshine Coast. The result was that many of the paddlers, from all walks of life, were affected in ways they had not expected. Using the cultural and iconic vehicle of the canoe, Many Hands illustrates how the First Nations culture is helping bring us closer to working with and understanding each other, as we find our way along the difficult path to reconciliation.

Metamorphosis (2018)
95 minutes
Nova Ami & Velcrow Ripper

A poem for the planet, Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper’s film Metamorphosis takes the pulse of our earth and bears witness to a moment of profound change: the loss of one world, and the birth of another. Metamorphosis captures the true scale of the global environmental crisis. Forest fires consume communities, species vanish and entire ecosystems collapse. Economic growth, tied to increased speed of resource extraction, has created a machine with the capacity to destroy all life. But this crisis is also an opportunity for transformation. Through a tidal flow of stunning images, Metamorphosis carves a path from the present to the future, and offers a bold new vision for humanity and the world.

Metamorphosis | TRAILER

METAMORPHOSIS bears witness to a moment of profound change: the loss of one world, and the birth of another.

Nothing Without Us: The Women Who Will End AIDS (2017)
67 minutes
Harriet Hirshorn

This is the story of the inspiring women at the forefront of the global AIDS movement. Combining archival footage and interviews with female activists, scientists and scholars in the US and Africa, Nothing Without Us: The Women Who Will End AIDS reveals how women not only shaped grassroots groups like ACT-UP in the US, but have also played essential roles in HIV prevention and the treatment access movement throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The film explores the dynamics that keep women around the world at risk of HIV, while introducing the remarkable women who have some of the answers to ending this 30-year old pandemic.

Nothing Without Us: Trailer

Pacific Herring: Small Fish, Big Problem (2018)
10 minutes
Lotus Eater Films

Pacific Herring need our help if we are to save the salmon, killer whales and other marine species in the Salish Sea. This film explains why we need to stop the commercial herring roe seine fishery around Hornby Island, one of the most important spawning areas on the B.C. coast.

Satan and Adam (2018)
80 minutes
Scott Balcerek

Sterling Magee experienced firsthand the music industry’s exploitation of black musicians. So he walked away to play music on the Harlem streets. Re-inventing himself as Mr. Satan, he spread his gospel of joy. One of those he converted was a white kid named Adam Gussow, who gave up the ivory tower life to play alongside this streetwise musician. Their improbable bond made them a sensation, and their journey a tale of tragedy, survival and miraculous rebirth. Satan & Adam is a celebration of the transformative power of music, and the bonds that develop when worlds collide and artists collaborate. “The best third act of any music doc since Searching for Sugar Man.” JB Spins
Nashville Film Festival 2018: Best Music Documentary

Satan & Adam (Official Teaser)

Save Space Nugget (2017)
41 minutes
Trish Neufeld

Save Space Nugget is the story of the determined community of Cumberland coming together to save their forest from the timber company who intended to harvest it for profit. It’s a David and Goliath story with inspiring personal tales about what can be achieved when people take action, and sometimes great personal risks, to achieve a common goal. There are many challenges, stereotypes and perceptions that each side, both corporate and community, needs to overcome. It’s also the story of a community reinventing itself, determining who they are and what values they share..

Save Space Nugget – trailer

75 minutes
Thomas Morgan & Susan Sarandon

Soufra follows the inspirational story of intrepid social entrepreneur Mariam Shaar, a refugee who has spent her entire life in the 69 year-old Burl El Barajneh refugee camp, south of Beirut, Lebanon. The film chronicles Mariam and a diverse team of fellow refugee women from throughout the Middle East, who share the camp as their home as they set out to change their fate by launching a catering company called ‘Soufra’ and then expand its reach outside the camp, through an astonishing Kickstarter campaign, with a food truck business. Together, these determined, hardworking women heal the wounds of war through the unifying power of food, while taking their future into their own hands. Feature Film Award, Galway Film Fleadh; Audience Award at several film festivals

SOUFRA Official Trailer

The 100 Year Old Whale (2018)
14 minutes
Mark Leiren-Young

Orcas live in a matriarchal society. The matriarch of the southern resident orcas, known as ‘Granny’, lived to be 105 years old. She survived the eras when whales were on everyone’s menu and her family members were harpooned, shot, captured and put on display. What will be the future for her family?

The Radicals (2018)
55 minutes
Brian Hockenstein & Tamo Campos

With breathtaking cinematography, The Radicals follows four snowboarders and surfers driven to become social and environmental stewards through their connection with the environments in which they play. These awakened athletes introduce us to some of the world’s most dedicated activists and game-changing wilderness initiatives. The Radicals inspires us to shift our perspective, rise above the challenges of modern society and dig into our roots to create radical waves of change and a sense of real purpose, while still enjoying nature and the thrill of gravity.

The Radicals | Fall 2018 Trailer

The Reluctant Radical (2018)
77 minutes

If a crime is committed in order to prevent a greater crime, is it forgivable? Is it, in fact, necessary? The documentary, The Reluctant Radical, follows activist Ken Ward as he confronts his fears and puts himself in the direct path of the fossil fuel industry to combat climate change. All of the traditional legal avenues were not making a difference so he made the difficult decision to take non-violent direct action to shut down all the US tar sands pipelines on October 11, 2016. The film reveals both the personal cost and also the fulfillment that comes from following one’s moral calling – even if that means breaking the law – an implicit challenge to all of us. This is a story of heroism, full of love, anguish and humour.

The Reluctant Radical Trailer

Threads (2017)
32 minutes
Kathy Stevulak

Torn from her family, her paintings, and her beloved Calcutta after the partition of India, artist Surayia Rahman finds a new life in Bangladesh teaching impoverished mothers to embroider her beautiful story-telling designs. An inspirational example of the power of art and the impact of empowering women and girls around the world, Threads takes us on an intimate journey into the heart of an artist and celebrates an unconventional path to dignity and independence.

Treeline (2018)
40 minutes
Jordan Manley

Treeline celebrates the forests on which our species have always depended, and around which some skiers and snowboarders have based their entire lives. Follow a group of snow-seekers, scientists and healers as they explore the birch forests of Japan, the red cedars of British Columbia and the bristlecone pines of Nevada, delving deeper into the ways we are connected to trees and to how trees network with each other. A beautiful, meditative film.

WAJD: Songs of Separation
88 minutes
Davina Pardo

WAJD: Songs of Separation introduces us to three men—Ibrahim, Abdulwahed, and Mohamad—all talented musicians, who have fled war-torn Syria and are re-assembling their lives in Turkey and Holland. Forced to rebuild their lives in exile, they turn to their love of music to help them find meaning. Footage of their daily lives is woven together with bittersweet musical performances, extremely rare Sufi ceremonies and poetic imagery of pre-war Syria. The film is a moving testament to the heartbreak and loss of war and the resilience of individuals. It is a beautiful meditation on the healing and life-affirming power of music. Audience Award, Arabian Sights Film Festival

Wajd – Songs of Separation | Official Trailer

Xe Xe Smun Eem (Sacred Children): Victoria Orange Shirt Day (2018)
20 minutes
Carrie Davis

Xe Xe Smun Eem (Sacred Children): Victoria Orange Shirt Day, follows Eddy Charlie and Kristin Spray who have brought Phyllis Webstad’s event, Orange Shirt Day, to Victoria B.C. Eddy Charlie is a residential school survivor and Kristen Spray is a non-indigenous ally, and together they want to bring awareness to the harm that residential schools caused. Through awareness they hope to create a conversation where Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike can feel safe to be a part of.